The Business Case

We all need to justify the need for spending valuable money on new solutions.

How many man hours per year are spent on Maximo functional testing over 2 or 3 years?
What is your cost per man hour?
What is the total cost of testing just in man hours alone?
Compare this to the cost of PROBO over 1, 2, 3 or more years…(please ask for our Pricing Schedule)

If you are a not a Maximo user, but your company is, you should well ask, “Why spend money on something as boring as Maximo functional testing?

Because you have to… & you are burning money doing it manually.

If you have a Maximo solution, you carry out continuous functional testing. Every customisation. Every patch. Every upgrade. Every implementation. Every change. No choice… You must test.

And you do it manually. In the year 2015…

You are using the time of your valued staff when automation would cut their time and your cost by more than half.

You are increasing your risk by not controlling the testing environment in a systematic manner.