Risk Elimination – what are the risks of manual testing?

  • Missing transparency about the business processes and their steps that needs to be included in regular regression tests
  • Test teams with insufficient know-how about the relevant business processes in combination with business teams without sufficient time to engage in recurring regression tests
  • Outdated test systems which do not reflect the situation of the production landscape
  • Insufficient resources to perform full regression tests after software changes
  • Decreasing time window to perform required tests
  • Missing transparency on what to test

What ROI & business outcomes will probo deliver?

  • Test tool learning time slashed : Business users involved in regression testing are scarce resources. The involvement of these users is crucial since they bring in the business aspects, but their involvement should be handled with highest efficiency. From this perspective the learning time of the test tool that guides the manual tester is very important. As a guide, approximately 30-60 minutes initial training is sufficient to get the testers accustomed to PROBO.
  • Scheduling in unattended mode. Another big advantage and efficiency gain of automated tests comes from the ability to schedule automated tests and execute them in unattended mode so that no users are tasked to monitor them. Following this approach, testers can schedule test execution at non-peak times such as during night time – “lights-out tests”.
  • Over 70% reduction in the cost of comprehensive regression testing
  • 90% decrease in the number of defects found
  • 70% reduction in test execution time
  • Elimination of all critical defects before going into production
  • Cost savings through defects discovered earlier in the life cycle
  • Reduced User Acceptance Testing
  • Estimate 25-30% savings in maintenance due to component based approach
  • Delivery of high quality complex application release with minimal production issues
  • Ability of regular validation of the system landscape