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“Projetech has carried out an intensive trial of PROBO over the past 3 months. As we move forward Projetech is interested in using PROBO in our hosted environment. We view this as a value added tool for Maximo as a Service that will help us to ensure smooth client transitions into our cloud environment. Most testing will be done as a function of moving clients from an on premise data center into our IBM Cloud 3.0 data centers.

Many times this move is in conjunction with an upgrade so we view PROBO as a quality assurance tool. We do see it as a valuable tool for our clients and partners and believe there to be an opportunity for PROBO in both hosted and on premise environments.”

Steve Richmond, Founder & CEO, Projetech

Steve is the founder and CEO of Projetech Inc. the 2012 Tivoli Award Winning IBM Business Partner of the Year & world leader in Maximo as a Service

At IBM Interconnect 2015 IBM & Projetech announced that as part of their strategic partnership Projetech will build Cloud 3.0 on SoftLayer, the highest performing cloud infrastructure available.


Projetech at IBM’s Interconnect 2015

Projetech, an IBM Premier Business Partner, provides solutions to maintenance and reliability professionals.  Maximo® as a Service (MaaS), our cloud hosting solution, provides an economical and secure alternative to hosting Maximo® in-house.  Our goal is to take the maintenance and overhead associated with supporting the application away from you so you can focus on your core business. We currently provide our MaaS to over 100 Corporates.


“Going on what we have done so far, we have no hesitation in saying that PROBO is a very powerful tool, and would save an enormous amount of time during user acceptance testing.”

“The more tests you create, the more familiar you become with the program. Once you have created the test, you can use this test again and again by just adding a different data sheet or duplicating the test and “tweaking” the steps.  Once you understand the concept of creating a test that is a small “snapshot” of a process and adding tests together to create a whole process, it makes the end to end testing completely seamless.  Whoever decided that the onscreen labels be referenced (as opposed to the actual database field names) is an absolute genius”

“…It will certainly make huge inroads into the bulk of Maximo functionality and processes that we use.”

“We would love to be able to continue on with the test creation process as much as time allows to have a full suite of tests that completely replicates where possible, our current 400 physical tests that have been used in previous upgrades. We would suggest if this was possible, it would cut our current UAT period from 6 months down to 2 months.